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File: 1594346073365.jpg–(96.56KB, 720x468, 01-aisawa.jpg)
dumping my collection of JNR photos I stole from an old man
¨ No.2039
1594346106531.jpg–(169.80KB, 720x507, 02_cIMG_14b.jpg)

¨ No.2040
1594346147394.jpg–(117.34KB, 720x473, 02-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2041
1594346233839.jpg–(49.57KB, 720x468, 2-77.3.19-0001h.jpg)

¨ No.2042
1594346300011.jpg–(106.39KB, 720x470, 03-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2043
1594346448885.jpg–(143.02KB, 720x445, 04-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2044
1594346488282.jpg–(56.87KB, 485x384, 11-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2045
1594346575451.jpg–(77.98KB, 720x439, 09-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2046
1594346621221.jpg–(90.20KB, 720x438, 21-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2047
1594346655211.jpg–(117.26KB, 980x480, 28-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2048
1594346708423.jpg–(131.50KB, 720x448, 33-aisawa.jpg)

¨ No.2049
1594346739940.jpg–(35.28KB, 720x477, 080322-DSC_4167.jpg)

¨ No.2050
1594346812995.jpg–(67.46KB, 720x470, H8-9-15-IMG0033.jpg)

¨ No.2051
1594346866430.jpg–(124.06KB, 795x524, m5-82.8.4-0020.jpg)

¨ No.2052
1594346903524.jpg–(185.89KB, 720x470, m-miyazaki-11.jpg)

¨ No.2053
1594346936697.jpg–(97.29KB, 720x470, m-miyazaki-12.jpg)

¨ No.2054
1594346976379.jpg–(151.79KB, 720x470, m-miyazaki-13.jpg)

¨ No.2055
1594347034421.jpg–(137.84KB, 720x470, m-miyazaki-14.jpg)

¨ No.2056
1594347086001.jpg–(92.39KB, 720x475, m-miyazaki-16.jpg)

¨ No.2057
1594347132635.jpg–(106.66KB, 960x721, 20200531_141150.jpg)

¨ No.2058
1594347163487.jpg–(57.98KB, 720x470, S1-70.10-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2059
1594347212040.jpg–(76.44KB, 720x470, S1-70.10-0006.jpg)

¨ No.2060
1594347259297.jpg–(70.72KB, 485x720, S1-70.11.1-0007h.jpg)

¨ No.2061
1594347323404.jpg–(71.17KB, 720x470, S1-70.11.1-0017.jpg)

¨ No.2062
1594347360344.jpg–(88.46KB, 720x480, S1-70.12.-0010.jpg)

¨ No.2063
1594347456488.jpg–(100.98KB, 720x475, S1-71.10.19-0001.jpg)

¨ No.2064
1594347504520.jpg–(105.97KB, 720x475, S1-71.10.19-0002.jpg)

¨ No.2065
1594347538902.jpg–(66.10KB, 485x700, S1-71.11.14-0006h.jpg)

¨ No.2066
1594347602006.jpg–(82.16KB, 720x470, S2-75.8-0002.jpg)

¨ No.2067
1594347635034.jpg–(58.12KB, 720x470, S2-76.11.7-0008.jpg)

¨ No.2068
1594347747201.jpg–(73.38KB, 720x470, S3-4-82.1.9-0006.jpg)
I must have a couple hundred of these things, so I will return to post more, or alternatively just tell me to shut up and I will stop
¨ No.2070
keep going
¨ No.2076
1594439223294.jpg–(65.58KB, 720x470, S3-4-82.1.9-0007.jpg)
vox populis
¨ No.2077
1594439260180.jpg–(112.52KB, 720x470, S3-4-82.1.9-0009.jpg)

¨ No.2078
1594439296755.jpg–(125.82KB, 720x480, S3-4-82.1.9-0012.jpg)

¨ No.2079
1594439332043.jpg–(80.56KB, 720x465, S4-82.4.8-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2080
1594439364520.jpg–(83.65KB, 720x475, S4-82.4.17-0002.jpg)

¨ No.2081
1594439396395.jpg–(101.88KB, 720x454, S4-82.4.17-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2082
1594439429554.jpg–(90.55KB, 720x475, S4-82.4.17-0006.jpg)

¨ No.2083
1594439467498.jpg–(106.06KB, 720x480, S4-82.4.24-0011.jpg)

¨ No.2084
1594439500660.jpg–(117.76KB, 720x475, S4-82.4.24-0007.jpg)

¨ No.2085
1594439532208.jpg–(94.51KB, 720x475, S4-82.4.24-0014.jpg)

¨ No.2086
1594439575217.jpg–(134.92KB, 720x475, S4-82.4.24-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2087
1594439608625.jpg–(130.71KB, 720x463, S4-82.4.24-0016.jpg)

¨ No.2088
1594439674173.jpg–(74.58KB, 720x470, S5-82.8.4-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2089
1594439710648.jpg–(84.43KB, 720x475, S5-82.8.4-0013a.jpg)

¨ No.2090
1594439751116.jpg–(58.79KB, 485x700, S5-82.8.4-0016.jpg)

¨ No.2091
1594439798453.jpg–(128.74KB, 720x475, S6-83.4.8-0021.jpg)

¨ No.2092
1594439855338.jpg–(116.52KB, 720x460, S6-83.4.8-0025.jpg)

¨ No.2093
1594439919746.jpg–(92.31KB, 720x470, S6-84.3.11-0006.jpg)

¨ No.2094
1594439954733.jpg–(79.18KB, 720x470, S6-84.3.11-0008.jpg)

¨ No.2095
1594439986512.jpg–(91.55KB, 720x470, S7-70.2.13-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2096
1594440020296.jpg–(98.31KB, 720x475, S7-70.2.13-0010.jpg)

¨ No.2097
1594440061407.jpg–(144.57KB, 720x470, S7-84.11.17-0009.jpg)
these next 10 or so are super /comfy/
¨ No.2098
1594440091801.jpg–(114.41KB, 720x470, S7-84.11.17-0010.jpg)

¨ No.2099
1594440124925.jpg–(127.44KB, 720x470, S10-92.11.15-0006.jpg)

¨ No.2100
1594440158533.jpg–(128.80KB, 720x470, S10-92.11.15-0014.jpg)

¨ No.2101
1594440211063.jpg–(137.20KB, 720x465, S10-92.11.15-0030.jpg)
¨ No.2102
1594440243430.jpg–(122.39KB, 720x470, S18-00.5.4-0031.jpg)
moving into summertime now
¨ No.2103
1594440281183.jpg–(150.74KB, 720x470, S18-00.5.4-0033.jpg)

¨ No.2104
1594440320645.jpg–(163.20KB, 720x470, S18-00.5.4-0009.jpg)

¨ No.2105
1594440374154.jpg–(98.69KB, 720x399, S8-88.4.12-0002.jpg)

¨ No.2106
1594440427437.jpg–(96.59KB, 720x470, S9-88.11.5-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2107
1594440472162.jpg–(100.11KB, 720x480, S9-89.5.24-0017.jpg)

¨ No.2108
1594440510077.jpg–(78.62KB, 720x470, S9-90.9.22-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2109
1594440544856.jpg–(72.21KB, 720x463, S9-90.9.22-0006.jpg)

¨ No.2110
1594440580024.jpg–(63.03KB, 720x470, S9-90.9.22-0016.jpg)

¨ No.2111
1594440621861.jpg–(90.94KB, 720x470, S9-90.9.22-0017.jpg)

¨ No.2112
1594440672698.jpg–(108.34KB, 720x470, S10-70.3.28-0002.jpg)

¨ No.2113
1594440721195.jpg–(86.13KB, 720x470, S10-70.3.28-0003.jpg)

¨ No.2114
1594440756201.jpg–(128.98KB, 720x470, S10-70.3.28-0005.jpg)

¨ No.2115
1594440804414.jpg–(81.11KB, 720x470, S10-70.3.28-0011.jpg)

¨ No.2116
1594440840911.jpg–(148.46KB, 720x470, S16-70.6.7-0032.jpg)

¨ No.2117
1594440987658.jpg–(41.70KB, 720x335, Sh114E_0007.jpg)
I leave again for tonight, I really do have a few hundred of these photos and all of them are great, I will probably continue to post over the coming weeks, please enjoy, good evening
¨ No.2120
This thread is so cool.
¨ No.2126
Amazing photos, keep going.
¨ No.2132
Wow, these are fascinating. What year(s) roughly are these from?
¨ No.2155
1595232685302.jpg–(66.18KB, 720x470, S198E_0024-780429.jpg)
JNR from the mid-60's to the 80s iirc, I was pretty impressed when I saw the timestamps on some of these images, branchline steam was still running in Japan well into the 70's
¨ No.2156
1595232765876.jpg–(94.78KB, 720x470, S198E_0025-780429.jpg)
Do excuse my little hiatus, it may happen again, the fact is that I forgot I had promised to post more lol. The 30 second cooldown is rather annoying but needs must I suppose
¨ No.2157
1595232795200.jpg–(108.62KB, 720x469, S720801sakito-14.jpg)

¨ No.2158
1595232829131.jpg–(120.98KB, 720x465, S720801sakito-15.jpg)

¨ No.2159
1595232882470.jpg–(112.75KB, 720x475, S720801sakito-17.jpg)

¨ No.2160
1595233157933.jpg–(89.47KB, 720x476, S71.10.8-95E_0009.jpg)

¨ No.2161
1595233199082.jpg–(115.72KB, 720x479, S74-72.1.30-0018.jpg)

¨ No.2162
1595233381372.jpg–(134.34KB, 720x475, SN5-82.8.13-0005.jpg)
As I've said before, I have so many pictures that a) I will have to post more another day and b) I have to (or rather choose to) cherrypick because of the cooldown. I understand the need for such a thing though, I do not complain, especially with this influx of r*dditors which has apparently occurred during my absence
¨ No.2163
1595233433537.jpg–(81.62KB, 720x476, S40-71.3.21-0001.jpg)
I'm off again, I may return tomorrow, I may return next week, good night all
¨ No.2164
Thanks for sharing these! Come back whenever you're ready. I look forward to it.
¨ No.2174
1595327918598.jpg–(93.39KB, 720x461, S100-72.8.11-0007.jpg)

¨ No.2175
1595327952677.jpg–(150.40KB, 980x580, SA349-33HQ.jpg)

¨ No.2176
1595328013249.jpg–(134.91KB, 720x479, SA362-25HQ2.jpg)
this and the next are personal favorites
¨ No.2177
1595328066710.jpg–(110.00KB, 720x472, SA362-26HQ2.jpg)
¨ No.2178
1595328153659.jpg–(80.66KB, 720x470, Sh031f_0019.jpg)

¨ No.2191
Are you digitizing these yourself? Are you gonna put these together in a digital album at some point? I'm sure you realize what a treasure trove this is, it would be a shame if 1chan was the only place this ever lived.
¨ No.2210
1596037150043.jpg–(90.25KB, 720x450, nh7243-018-1972.10.19.jpg)

No, he's dumping them from another site as he wrote in the first post: http://tsushima-keibendo.a.la9.jp/index.html

I did a siterip for my own archive too. I don't wish to one day just find out that all the photos are gone because the old man is now dead.

Site is easily usable with Google translate, btw.

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