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File: 1594165549587.jpg–(62.90KB, 480x360, o0480036013575817098.jpg)
You are now aware there's a TV show on NHK World called Railway Journal, hosted by an Aussie (right), a Japanese prof at some university (left), and a rotating 3rd host

And someone has uploaded all their episodes to Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1WzVzpXOzJ1LpH-QC4GaDA
¨ No.2019
Thanks! I'm watching the latest episode and it's quite nice.
¨ No.2027
In some of the episodes I'm so impressed with how they are replacing limited express fare income with surcharges on touristy trains. They're hitting up tourists for $100-$150 a pop on some of these, but the experience looks so amazing I would be happy to shell out
¨ No.2028
Geeze, I didn't realize they'd be that expensive.
¨ No.2031
The ones costing that much are absolutely exquisite. There's quite a range of how touristy it gets
¨ No.2032

Probably the only way they make money anymore. Like that one rural spur line that would have went kaputski if not for that station master cat gimmick and the strawberry-themed train.
¨ No.2125
The national government sets the fare per distance, so the economics are such that if you're in the middle of a big city or a suburb with commuters you're doing great. If you're out in the middle of nowhere, the only substantive income is the ltd. exp. charge on top of the basic fare. If ltd. exp. services are gone, then it's got to be the tourism angle
¨ No.2131
Japan has been upping their English language media output. It used to be just general interest/tourist stuff. Now it's more otaku/geeky stuff.

I'm guessing a trainspotting neckbeard now looks more appealing than their inverse population triangle.
¨ No.2145
I think they've starting going after niche markets. The generic tourist like generic tourism for some typical price, but the railfan is hardcore into trains and will spend some crazy amount just to experience it
¨ No.2211
1596037377775.jpg–(4.50KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

The awkward 3rd (always female) host will rather soon become a fixed persona, namely Yasuna Misobata.

She seems to be staying, still there in the episode 70-or-so.
¨ No.2251
>tfw the one with real staying power is the prof, he outlasted even the original host
¨ No.2257
I can't imagine there are many railfans coming from North America/England to Japan.

Although, I could see Australia as a big source of tourists. They seem to be able to get to Japan relatively easily.
¨ No.2267
Isn’t there like an entire Japanese political party against the NHK?
¨ No.2270
Reading 2ch it’s usually something about the NHK being biased, politically correct, and sends TV tax collectors to your door to harass you unless you pay up (so in all regards exactly like the BBC in every way). People have now sued and successfully won against the NHK, but it’s so many hoops to jump through they just keep on doing it
¨ No.2271
Yes I am a racist. Yes I hate Trump. Yes I am a Maoist

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