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File: 1566868270624.jpg–(35.17KB, 480x270, trains-head-on-near-miss-480x270.jpg)
Welcome to the new 1chan. We're currently testing out Tinyib due to instabilities in the old software. Unfortunately at this time I am unsure if I will be able to import the old threads/images. I still have everything and am working hard to properly convert it. As always please report any bugs you see in this thread!
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¨ No.5
Good job, admin! Keep going!
¨ No.6
1566885391005.jpg–(69.37KB, 540x539, motivation.jpg)
As a longtime lurker virtually never poster, I appreciate the work. Gotta try and keep all the obscure chans that are left alive.
¨ No.12
1566953216831.jpg–(138.78KB, 800x600, fan-mil_4.jpg)
bug report: posting emojis doesn't work

steps to reproduce: i tried to start a [B]onrail thread

priority: critical blocker flash override
¨ No.14
I'll see what I can do on that.
¨ No.16
1567001173729.jpg–(0.96MB, 1400x900, 253688.jpg)
Паровоз checking in.

Frankly, the full reboot of the 1chan came as a little bit of a shock to me. Just PLEEEEEASE, bring back all the posts from recently, or at least the ones which are under two weeks old! Kind of a shame that I've posted another giant wall of text which didn't manage to spark any conversation due to this transition...

Thanks for the YT embedding feature tho. Also, webm support, anyone?..

BTW why is the new web-interface looks like shit?
¨ No.19
God I missed the old futaba stylesheet
¨ No.21
I'm still trying to figure out how to import the old posts, but honestly at this point it's really still 50/50.

As for WebM support is coming, just gotta get stuff installed on the backend.
¨ No.29
1567149807819.jpg–(249.65KB, 1600x900, avotavaraunu.jpeg)
Testing posting.

Look all these features!
¨ No.45
Two questions BTW. Where TF did the >>1 go?

And also why the counter jumped 10 posts higher all of a sudden? Was there a first flood I somehow missed?..
¨ No.46
1567224489626.jpg–(478.88KB, 1280x853, 247460.jpg)
Oh yes, and this is the photo which represents the botched attempt of a first proper get (or whatever is this called on the western IB slang, I don't care) on the new board. Here you go, whoever caused this, know that you ruined a great opportunity for a great photo. I hope you're happy :/
¨ No.47
All Test Posts, all deleted. If I am able to import the old posts, we'll jump back up to whatever thousand we were at.
¨ No.49
That was my post, and yes that's a get.
¨ No.57
That photo looks good though.
¨ No.63
Wait, is this place not owned by m00t or thatdog anymore?!
¨ No.64
Thatdog gave it up a few years ago and handed it over to Ham and others. He was a good guy for doing it as long as he did.
¨ No.74
1567386158581.jpg–(95.00KB, 1024x685, E012C.JPG)
Thank you for your great service to humanity
¨ No.83
Just to clear it up, he gave it to me. Ham hasn't even held mod status since Railchan days.
¨ No.116
Can we have the report button back please?
¨ No.121
I'll put it on the request list, but it's not something included by default. In the meantime feel free to use the 1chan Help Line SMS Service. ‪
(512) 953-3619‬

You can text this number 24/7 to report a post. This is NOT a toll free number, so you are responsible for whatever it costs to send an SMS on your plan to an American number.
¨ No.123
Rummer has it that 1chan got flooded by cheese pizza and thatdog flipped out thinking he was going to get v&. I set up another site on 8chan and asked thatdog link to it. When people found out I was running it for some reason they started getting grumpy even though I was the hero 1chan deserved. I made Tex a mod too thinking that would make people less grumpy. Well that little poopoo head changed the admin password and kicked me off my own bord. Then Rail chan was established and Tex shut down that bord with a link to rail chan. Then thatdog seeing someone else hosting a replacement handed the domain over.
¨ No.125
>Well that little poopoo head changed the admin password and kicked me off my own bord.
So he was the hero 1chan needed?
¨ No.127
>changed the admin password and kicked me off my own bord.

You know, honestly, I don't care how much you hate Ham and what's your history with him, but that's just too much.

Obviously nobody cares about a moral advice from a sneaky fuckin' Russian yet I'm still entitled to sharing my unwanted opinion.
¨ No.130
Take that story with a grain of salt...
¨ No.131
Let's just say that Ham has a history of being ... let's go with "fragile".
¨ No.132
Lol, get fucked Ham.

You admitted directly to me that you started a rumor that me and someone else were in a bidding war for 1chan, and that you did so to generate interest in saving the site. Then you made your knockoff 1chan on a site that it turns out was home to the worst people on the internet. Then you made me a mod because you rightfully figured out that no one would visit any iteration of 1chan/Railchan where you had an iron fist.

Them Mike bought 1chan prim and proper, and we opted to give you a chance to prove that you could behave like an adult. You couldn't, so your mod powers were removed. Truth be told, I can't believe it took you this long to start shit talking us after knocking you down from being a mod because that was a pretty long time ago.

In short, you're the least trustworthy person on this site. However, your bullshit drama mongering got Mike and I in touch so I guess we ought to thank you for that because we've been working really well together.
¨ No.133
Ham is such a shitter that I pretend to be a furry just to get a rise out of him.
¨ No.142
>Shitting on the fine folks of 8chan.
There's no need to condemn all of them for harboring Ham.
¨ No.191
Exactly. I didn't want one chance to die but I don't know how to run a server or website. So my plan was to start the 8 Chan group and then start that rumor so people would think but there is interest in the old site. No one wanted one Chan to be resurrected being run by me but the thought of it happening got people to take action. I made sure to make it known that I was the one running the 8chan group knowing full well people it start getting grumpy. I then pull Tex aboard so people wouldn't jump ship. Banning me from the site was not in the plans and I feared that would make people take the 8chan group as statious quoe, again the plan was to make someone take over "1chan.net" so I woulden't and the site would be saved. Luckely for me someone did indeed make a new 1chan and everything worked.

TL;DR Why would I be mad everything went according to plan. Also if I was mad at Tex would I only just be calling him a "poopoo head"?
¨ No.192
Also I wrote that useing text to speech on a small cell phone screen.
¨ No.193
Bug update, previously large images were throwing an error when trying to post. This wasn't due to an error with 1chan, but rather with my server. It took some time to track down due to the unique nature.

It should be fixed now, and I have confirmed the board will post larger images (3kx4k pixels). If you guys encounter any other errors please be sure to screenshot.
¨ No.194
An alternative to the unmaintained tinyIB is LynxChan.

¨ No.195
¨ No.199
1568558948721.gif–(93.66KB, 200x200, rejoiceapplauseicon.gif)
>hamtard BTFO
1chan memeposting intensifies

sagefail. Bumpan in you're sticky
¨ No.207
Lol how was I BTFO when my plan worked and I got what I wanted.
¨ No.540
There's a trick for captcha, security through obscurity. Use the crappiest captcha you find, that's easy to read for the bot and users as well. The there's "suomi-captcha", (<- lower case, because our language sucks at capitalization, but anyway) it asks the users to tick Finnish sentences and leave Estonian ones white. So: English or Scotch, maybe?

That leaves out most script kiddies, the ones who can get past that don't write spam bots.
¨ No.550
It also leaves out people whose first language isn't English. Though on a positive note it also leaves out people whose first language is English but are stupid, so swings and roundabouts I guess ...
¨ No.552
1572301831577.jpg–(128.10KB, 800x600, 3781816165_d57d96541e_o.jpg)
At this point we're probably not going to implement a captcha just yet. The overall number of spam posts has been quite low. Many of these occurred simply because we were unable to bring over the ban list from the last board system.

Also people would have issues distinguishing English from Scottish.

This points out one of many issues with a Captcha system like this. If we're ever motivated to utilize a captcha it will likely be ReCaptcha as the board natively supports it.

Much easier to use Welsh instead of Scottish.
¨ No.557
Swear to god mate, if I ever get THAT in the ReCaptcha I'm quitting.
¨ No.598
1572782303602.jpg–(281.87KB, 800x529, pictures%5C311%5C3055.jpg)
>11 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Any chance this could say "11 posts and 2 images omitted" (just an example)?

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