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File: 1592620727157.png–(23.78KB, 1279x377, sc44_blonk.png)
So, Amtrak has on order of Siemens ALC-44, the long distant variant of the SC-44 Charger. They should be coming in the new and improved phase 7 paint scheme. Hopefully this is not a copy of the geometric dust livery of the new Acela IIs.

So... What is it? What does that mean? What would you do? Main thing is silver with red, white, and blue accents are typical of Amtrak.
¨ No.1934
1592623995314.png–(26.13KB, 1279x377, sc44_try1.png)
Like this! Give it a try.
¨ No.1935
1592655528555.jpg–(81.42KB, 1279x377, ТЭП44С - you see what I did there.jpg)
Amtrak has been officially hacked by Putin. You see what I did there.

Truly this scheme fits everything. Now available in Paint :D
¨ No.1936
1592657558920.png–(35.13KB, 1279x377, 1592620727150.png)
The way it's meant to be done.
¨ No.1938
Those designs all look too nice. They're missing the 5 o'clock shadow look that Amtrak for some reason felt was fit for their top of the line train.
¨ No.1940
You have provided me with a dangerous tool. I'm definitely going to work on something during my upcoming weekend.
¨ No.1947
1592866262724.jpg–(186.69KB, 1279x377, sc44_DD.jpg)
I know he's on the way out, but this bastard probably did the worst any CEO has done to Amtrak to date. Let's get him a tribute scheme.
¨ No.1948
1592870639746.gif–(1.00MB, 450x360, giphy (3).gif)
¨ No.1988

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