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New to trains and shit . Where do I start
¨ No.1906
Stay away from trains, bruh. They'll break your heart and steal your youth. Don't suffer this fate.
¨ No.1907
I'm a mere 28 years old, but my knees and my back scream like I'm about 60. Pounding the ballast and rough riding trains have jacked me up big time.
¨ No.1908

1. Stand next to railroad tracks.
2. ???
¨ No.1909
1592322619968.jpg–(460.79KB, 1200x800, 275937.jpg)
Uhm... newsflash, you can get into trains without ACTUALLY getting into trains - says your fellow trainspotter and ferroequinologist (an intellectual foamer, let's just say).

I can suggest starting from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAQUGsUzWbE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS2Gw3tts2Q
The crowd here is really non-toxic and polite (I'd even say overly polite) and while they are not HUGELY enthusiastic about technical discussions they can answer a few silly questions at a time, as well as here you can, yaknow, WATCH TRAINS and see if it actually does anything. Also try starting also from Wikipedia if you'd like to learn stuff, then switch to whatever sources they can offer. Participate in discussions here. If you have a camera, see if taking pictures of trains gets you enthusiastic.
That is all, of course, unless you ACTUALLY want to work on trains...
¨ No.1921
1592495538533.jpg–(859.93KB, 1126x1500, 20190925_195340.jpg)
>Not mentioning the liver damage.
It's 10:49 and I'm about to pour my second glass of whiskey.

I also never would have thought I'm older than you.
¨ No.1923
1592503319448.jpg–(328.15KB, 1280x960, DSCN0790.jpeg)

Now that sounds like a plan this weekend. Relax, enjoy the 1st day of summer, and a glass of rye & Coke (sorry whiskey purists, I like mine "polluted") :^)
¨ No.1924
1592503681121.jpg–(1.91MB, 4032x2268, 20191005_141154.jpg)
At home I drink Jack and Coke. At bars it's straight Jameson or an Old Fashioned with Maker's.

(This one was technically my fault.)
¨ No.1926
1592511499680.jpg–(59.17KB, 600x1200, 206617-big.jpg)
The grumpy old man vibes are strong with me, I suppose. Or, as my parents like to say, I've got an "old soul" if you believe in such things.

What kind of whiskey are you drinking? I've been working on this stuff from Boann Distillery in County Meath, Ireland. I really want Teeling small batch, but I can't find it around here anymore. I fell in love with it when I was in Dublin.

This is 100% on topic because this stuff is my coping mechanism for the idiots I work with, and it doubles as a pain killer on the nights I get a train that rides like a bull in a rodeo.
¨ No.1927
What causes this kind of damage?
¨ No.1928
Large in train forces likely from positioning of of loads vs. empties and heavy use of dynamic or independent brakes.
¨ No.1929
1592525131103.jpg–(133.66KB, 1504x1134, not everything has to be owned.jpg)
>1. Stand next to railroad tracks.

Except like only me and Pioneer Mineur enjoy the freedom to roam.

Connected to this, apparently some places take the right of way ridiculously seriously, like hit the emergency brakes and call the police level if one is on the wronk side of the fence because fuck them, they knew their crimes.

Seriously. There was this Geoff Marshall video where he went lengths on the fact that some line was followed by a _public_ road for a long stretch. Do people everywhere constantly think like this? Also, apparently it's normal to have to buy a photo permit in heritage railroads on that wretched island.
¨ No.1941
Funny, over here (bongland) the insistence on fencing off the railway was largely driven by farmers who were sick of their cows getting pwned.

The desire to keep people out was secondary.

While I agree that it's good to stop idiots getting struck by trains, I think that stopping service if someone leans on a fence is idiotic.
¨ No.1942

>normal to have to buy a photo permit for heritage railways

I'm sorry, WHAT?!?!
¨ No.1943
1592720898343.jpg–(490.60KB, 1200x800, 1102718.jpg)
I guess it's like in some museums where you pay for entrance and if you want to make some photos you additionally should buy a permit, which is usually another price of the ticket. Only how TF you gonna enforce it without an enclosed tightly monitored territory? Doubt they would be sending a zonderkommande on an SUV for every spotter along the line to check if they have their LOICENCE. Although it's Brits, anything's possible with them I guess...
¨ No.1944
I understood the permit is really more like a permit to wander alongside the line to be able to take the footage in the first place. I suppose if one turns up with huge bags full of professional gear some places want extra.

This time my source was just Chris Eden-Green, he does professional railway filming and photography in the UK.
¨ No.1956
1593110101478.jpg–(327.40KB, 1280x960, image001.jpg)
That was sent to me, taken somewhere around Vancouver, BC. I think CP Rail Port Coquitlam yard.

Back in the 80's I saw a Saskatchewan grain pool hopper get smashed like that after it was shoved at a high rate of speed down a track into a string of cars during a yard sorting move at the old IYO Yard in downtown Calgary, Alta. I was railfanning between IYO and Alyth yard and remember hearing a loud "boom". I made my way over and saw a bunch of crew and a white hat standing around looking at it. I wonder if some demerits were handed out for that.
¨ No.1987
Seriously, in train forces can do this? I thought surely this had to be a collision or some kind of hump yard mishap.
¨ No.1991
They absolutely can, I've seen it happen. You're right that it can also occur in yard accidents, but in train forces are what came to my mind at the time.
¨ No.1996
150 cars worth of slack? That can sure add up with an unskilled or emergency applicaiton.

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