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File: 1589497050135.jpg–(167.23KB, 1280x720, 2020051415484200-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.)
Meant to look like Phase III, based on the F40PH.
¨ No.1757
1589497096071.jpg–(162.61KB, 1280x720, 2020051415485500-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.)
Pointless Arrow on the right sleeve.
¨ No.1758
1589497167120.jpg–(189.34KB, 1280x720, 2020051415493300-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.)
"1971" on the left sleeve. Amtrak started operations on May 1 of that year.
¨ No.1759
1589497210653.jpg–(164.86KB, 1280x720, 2020051415493900-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.)
More of the "1971" detail.
¨ No.1760
1589507344334.jpg–(50.00KB, 1080x607, FB_IMG_1589161645769.jpg)
So what is your switch friends code?
¨ No.1762
1589510571624.jpg–(56.61KB, 1080x607, FB_IMG_1589510543531.jpg)
¨ No.1764
1589572064336.jpg–(47.71KB, 400x240, HNI_0011.JPG)
If Hammy or anyone else wants the shirt, here's the QR codes. I made it in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf", so you'll need the Nintendo Switch smartphone app to transfer it to "Animal Crossing: New Horizons".
¨ No.1765
1589572100127.jpg–(47.65KB, 400x240, HNI_0012.JPG)

¨ No.1766
1589572233341.jpg–(47.64KB, 400x240, HNI_0013.JPG)

¨ No.1767
1589572334325.jpg–(47.39KB, 400x240, HNI_0014.JPG)

¨ No.1770
Looks like the flag of the Netherlands.
¨ No.1771
I'd actually consider that for an actual t-shirt as a low key foamer thing.
¨ No.1772
1589583463334.jpg–(661.25KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200515-185711_Facebook.jpg)

¨ No.1773

I certainly don't rep it as hardcore as that guy.
¨ No.1776
¨ No.1777


"World Cruise Story"? Sheeit, I have that on my phone.
¨ No.1786
I’m gonna need one of those model train sets from your catalog, son
¨ No.1787
Well then you have to bff me

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