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File: 1584705146985.png–(0.97MB, 719x717, Donetsk_Railway.png)
Thread about Ukrainian Railways.
Allow to speak ukrainian, russian and little on english.
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Don't want to offend or anything, my fellow Slav, but this board is purely about English last time I checked. But nonetheless Ukrainian trains is the topic I did very little coverage here, mostly focusing on the angry imperialistic Russian ones (LOL), not because I don't like them, but mostly to avoid political shenanigans, since in recent years everything starting with "U" on the Internet might spell disaster for a discussion. But hey, "as long as it's train-related" is pretty much the motto of this board, so...

By the way the choice of pic is not to imply any bad things about the Укрзалізниця (though there certainly are bad things to be implied here, and it's not politically-related and even most Ukraininas I spoke to tend to agree, but that's a whole other discussion for another day) but just because I saved it recently as it just beautifully conveys the pure comedy and light-heartedness of the situation.
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1587910364690.jpg–(618.91KB, 1200x797, 259221.jpg)
There already 1520 thread(LOL)(Not political)
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1587910468310.jpg–(817.26KB, 1326x829, 197717.jpg)

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Cuz the political thread is actually the urban transit -thread.

There's also 1524 thread but it's just me stoned posting :)

I like to point out there's quite large language barrier - if you don't do Russian google translate is your tedious friend for nerding over Russian cities. Let alone Ukrainian. So that's why it would be swell to hear about Ukrainian railways. English doesn't need to be perfect - it's practice. I know next to nothing about beyond Tallinn what goes on in the old Eastern Bock.

And uh, there's that big elephant on the room with that war. I guess going little political can't be helped but let's be all peasants here.

Some comments about the situations effect on rail transport would be well appreciated. Some of your streetcar systems look very precarious, what the little images I've seem have shown. UrbanRail.net knows to tell that two smaller city systems have already fallen victims of the war :(
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1587966450373.jpg–(497.42KB, 1300x749, 1323422.jpg)
Fun fact, there's also a great site transphoto.ru which is flawless for the purposes of drooling over the Eastern European electric transit... as long as you keep away from the discussions over there, they're just toxic with a lot of complete BS. And it's a Russian site which is multi-language, who knew!

>Cuz the political thread is actually the urban transit -thread.

Yaknow, it sounds strange from me, but I'd actually rather advocate against these frequent casual political remarks. Sure, they're often harmless enough, but in my opinion where there's some political assumption made it's just seems... not right leaving it be without clarification. And if, say, I start clarifying on something, I can't stop from going ALL OUT. Especially because politics is such a notorious topic where you can't NOT cover as many aspects and caveats as possible without making a goof of yourself and/or leaving only more lingering questions. The perfect example being the previous exchange where you casually (probably without giving much though to it) made a remark about possibility of Moscow being a detrimental totalitarian "show-off capital" and I spend well over an hour absolutely struggling to fit as much aspects as to make the answer conclusive enough while still being able to fit it into a chan format. Sure it's nice to rant on something sometimes but sometimes this urge to give a conclusive enough answer to a convoluted topic can be a nuisance. But eh, not criticising, just my opinion.

>Some of your streetcar systems look very precarious, what the little images I've seem have shown. UrbanRail.net knows to tell that two smaller city systems have already fallen victims of the war :(

There is a thing in all the ex-commie states which is far better than any war in killing the electric transit systems, which is called "sudden capitalism in the country built to flourish in the idyllic optimistic everlasting socialism", with all the transit systems designed to operate strictly in this environment, now trying to adapt, especially with the new generation of the city managers trying to keep things running somehow having no training on how to deal with this new ecosystem (not that I plead to cut them some slack, to make it fair also being interested in their personal gains more than ever before). If you call me out I can elaborate a little more over in LRT thread on the culprits behind why many ex-Soviet urban transit systems failed.

Those two tram systems it seems even without the conflict would have lasted under a decade before becoming history. To be more fair there are such tram systems as Enakievo (on the pic) and Donetsk which are also right in the middle of this ridiculous thing yet doing quite fine... considering everything.
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1593933536280.jpg–(829.92KB, 2272x1704, ТУ2_087_in_Lviv_(02).jpg)
There is the children railway in Ukraine.

I'm really want to know reason of it?

For example, I don't see any children railway in Russia. What about other countries?
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1593933581160.jpg–(4.58MB, 3872x2592, Дитячий_поїзд"Вітерець".JPG)

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1593969414095.jpg–(590.49KB, 1287x800, 227245.jpg)
No children's railways in Russia?! Are you even serious? Russia was the country where this whole idea STARTED. First such railway, on steam traction, appeared in the 1930s in Moscow, in Gorkiy Park. Later it was closed but another one built in Kratovo, Moscow region - here on the picture. Russian railways now own (and upkeep to pretty much the show-off standards) something like two dozen children's railways in the biggest cities.

The children's railway, for those uninitiated, is essentially an extracurricular professional orientation camp for teenagers, where they learn the main operational procedures of the main jobs on the railway... by actually WORKING on real INDUSTRIAL GRADE equipment, which is usually based around 750 mm narrow gauge railway, often with the same rolling stock which is used on normal "adult" 750 mm railway lines. Which has a capacity to carry passengers, for a small fee many non-railway people enjoy to take recreational rides. Ironically, most of them don't even have an idea why TF there are kids working as conductors, signalmen, stationmasters... many don't even know that their train is even DRIVEN BY A TEENAGER, literally from the driver's unit (albeit they always have an adult instructor in the cab). This is a go-to place for all the teen train fans nowadays in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other countries and the railways have a good incentive to invest into these camps as they actually build loyalty to the railway, which obviously leads to some of them becoming a well qualified staff in the future through some teens later going to a railway college or even the RUT/MIIT university. I've "worked" there myself for a short time (wasn't social enough at the time plus the commute times were horrible to me so I dropped out) and also have a couple of buddies working here.
¨ No.2004
That sounds like a really neat experience to offer kids, probably could've used a job like that when I was that age.

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