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File: 1583949026869.jpg–(160.03KB, 760x500, Old Smokey Press Release Photo.jpg)

Apparently KSHC does plan to run it again!
¨ No.1490
For the amount they paid importing this Chinese loco, I'm sure they could have restored an American one.

Not saying this doesn't deserve to be preserved, but they straight up lie saying it's based on an American loco from the 20s. When it's very obviously an old Russian design.
¨ No.1502
>Not saying this doesn't deserve to be preserved

Indeed. Those who do the work get to make the rules in the heritage "business".

>but they straight up lie saying it's based on an American loco from the 20s

The lie here is in fact the decade. The American component in its heritage are ultimately the two Baldwin decapods ordered in 1894 for tests and study. Those were the basis for the Ye class designed in Russia, made in America. That lead L class, lead to LV class, which in turn was the basis for QJ.

If I'm wrong here, what is the 1920s American design supposed to be?

>“Old Smokey”

¨ No.1503
That's the problem, there's a nearly 100 year gap between the locos. Anything left probably isn't American specific anyways, it's compromise on compromise.
¨ No.1508
I hope you meant to say "improvement on improvement" ;-)

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