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File: 1582654557693.jpg–(53.07KB, 700x568, 8QbZY9h1FHU16sReXUTYlr5KOYdHg5A58h-laJtyDyc.jpg)
is anyone even on here?
¨ No.1382
Yup. Welcome to the slowest chan in the land.
¨ No.1383
I'd say we have even picked up some speed.

Now some few tasteful modern features and we'd be better than in YEARS.
¨ No.1385
Lmao just throw coal in the mf
¨ No.1386
1582692763358.png–(939.00KB, 1108x718, tenoutoftrain.PNG)
Lurking more than usual because A: I don't have much to say about the topics most times, and B: I'm getting a lot of my train chat satisfaction from other sources.

1chan definitely has a vibe to it that I value though, the "literally anything trains" content is refreshing when everywhere else, my groups are somewhat specific/subgenre'd.
¨ No.1387
Ja I'm hier, vat do you vant you little Hosenscheisser?
¨ No.1392
I have no idea what to post
¨ No.1393
1582772177030.jpg–(317.03KB, 2048x1400, 6704809929ue809jji08.jpg)
>tfw no CR SD80MAC
¨ No.1396
Trains I guess
¨ No.1937
By the way, NS sold all their SD80MACs in February.
¨ No.1954
What was the reason for selling them off?
¨ No.1955
One of the oldest and slowest imageboards around
¨ No.1958
i'm not cuz i don't exist
¨ No.1961
Compared to the rest of the roster they were ancient. NS is reducing motive power at the moment
¨ No.1963
Everyone is reducing motive power at the moment. It's crazy some of the changes I'm seeing right now.
¨ No.1964
It's due to the switch to PSR or whatever it's called. Still don't understand what that really means. Can anyone explain it.
¨ No.1965
Doubtful for me, at least. I work for CN, Hunter Harrison's first go at PSR. We've been running 150 car coal trains with 2 engines for years.

Right now the biggest changes I'm seeing are a lot of older engines being stored or sold off. I think it's mostly because the cost to add PTC when coupled with expected service life just aren't worthwhile. So definitely less older engines on trains and A LOT less foreign power on trains. This is even more extreme at places like UP where there was a lot of fat to trim before the 'Rona took off.

But more on PSR: The *idea* is that you run trains on a schedule and stick to it. The theory is that it makes for more predictable operations and then you can use what resources you do have more efficiently. In practice it means running trains with less engines, running bigger trains, making short connections with cars, shutting down intermediate terminals, and consolidating switching operations.

People bitch and moan about it, but the fact is that a lot of railroad operations are or were pretty bloated before PSR took hold. A lot of the terminals shut down made sense in their time, but with diminishing traffic and different kinds of traffic, it doesn't make sense to run a hump yard that only switches 600 cars/day.

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