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File: 1581353453230.jpg–(333.89KB, 1080x608, 110202084652.jpg)
A little close for comfort. This is why I stand well clear at crossings.

¨ No.1308
1581353636619.jpg–(223.10KB, 1024x576, 110202085225.jpg)
An axel and what looks like a chunk of rail.
¨ No.1309
1581359499523.jpg–(2.50MB, 4032x2268, 20191213_145420.jpg)
Nah, just looks like a chunk of a tie to me. It seems way too thick and I didn't see any big chunks missing.

That guy was a total moron for not getting further away immediately. In a curve like that they're going to string line and can easily roll over.
¨ No.1324
Running away doesn’t get the /views/ though
You know how many videos there are on YouTube of a live derailment happening on camera? Too few. And they all carry high view counts
¨ No.1347
I imagine that's because the majority happen in the middle of nowhere. That's why they rarely make the news... unless someone is hurt or the thing was carrying tanker cars full of something unpleasant, no one really hears about them.
¨ No.1790
The guy was crazy for not running away with those hoppers swaying about right in front of him. But I guess it paid off, he got decent footage. Wonder why they jumped the track.
¨ No.1795
Lucky he didn't take a spring to the head.

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