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File: 1580982688965.jpg–(89.82KB, 640x373, 1-metrolink_graffiti.jpg)
I don't think passenger rail has a future in America anymore. Trains in America are only good for hauling freight. Hauling freight makes money, and is run by corporations. Which is good, in Capitalist America. Meanwhile, hauling people is unprofitable, and is done by the government. That is Socialism, which has no place in Capitalist America.

There will never be high-speed rail in America.

Delta Dick Anderson will dismantle Amtrak before a profit is made, because he's only there to serve the interests of the airline corporations.

It's cheaper to fly. It's cheaper to take the intercity bus. It's cheaper to drive. Americans only care about paying less.

If you ride Amtrak, you're just riding the train for riding the train's sake. Otherwise, you're supporting an unsustainable method of transportation that needs to be phased out completely.

If you ride rail transit, you're a filthy peasant.

If you ride a train in America, you are riding with SOCIALISM!
¨ No.1296
Delta dick has gotten Amtrak closer and closer into turning a profit. The Northeast Corridor does make money and so does the Acela with its Louis Vuitton designer clothes wearing passengers
¨ No.1302
Everyone is concerned about fossil fuels all of a sudden. If we HAD them in place, trains would be better for the environment but the problem as everyone here knows is how to get from this mess we have now to having an useful infrastructure for passenger rail. We'd need to have seen this coming about 100 years ago and planned for it then.

Fooey. Hold the rocket, Elon... I changed my mind.
¨ No.1316
1581534224640.png–(843.02KB, 640x793, 70516361_2514515135460315_6844602561719173120_n.pn)

One of my far-left coworkers tells me that in his circles, it's a meme to post pictures of RR travel posters from the 50s with captions like "WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD"
¨ No.1317
I think that's pretty funny. Got any more?
¨ No.1323
Well you guys just have pretty frontier way of doing things in your continent. It was all done by the Gubment, originally, here or incredibly old money and roaylty way.

Like everyone just knew that the old thing will be dismantled because the next fad too the business.
¨ No.1330
¨ No.1803
Hasn't Amtrak recently invested in new Acelas? Are they planning to expand or is it just for the Northeast Corridor?

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