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File: 1580981241770.jpg–(57.38KB, 680x454, tgv.jpg)
An Italian high-speed train (train grande vitesse, TGV,
https://www.trenitalia.com/en/frecce/frecciarossa.html) was derailed less than an hour ago.

Two engineers of the train were killed. More details later.
¨ No.1364
1582477092366.jpg–(91.07KB, 870x579, Human-error-suspected-in-Italian-high-speed-train-)
We watched this one with great interest as the operating characteristics here are very similar to ours on the NEC. Maintenance gang clearing up into their staging yard with on-track equipment. Left the mainline turnout improperly aligned into the maintenance yard. First train of the day...

Still not sure why the switch position detection did not relay to the signaling system. It's similar to what happened in Cayce, SC.
¨ No.1373
Holy crap... derailed at 300 km/h!

Looking at that last picture, it appears one of the cars went across several tracks and ended up on the left.

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