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Why are we still here?
¨ No.126
1568054573068.jpg–(257.61KB, 1024x701, CBNS-2034 MLW C630M, Sydney, NS.jpg)
Because we like discussing trains in a chan-style format.
¨ No.673
Where else would we be?
¨ No.674
1574268091447.jpg–(135.69KB, 900x602, Excuse Me Sir - Do You Have a Moment to Talk About)
Indeed. I, for one, was just recently called an autist on /n/ and told to go back to Europe :(

By the way, is 1chan an "American site"?
(Anglos don't do it, but various other national chans, I know Swedish and the other big Nip chans aren't open even for reading from foreign IPs.)
¨ No.933
1575376471131.jpg–(134.99KB, 492x700, 9a2b45a339a0a7df6a732cfb93c03d8d.jpg)

Not exclusively Murrican. There are/have been users from Canada, South Africa, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Of course that wouldn't make this site exclusively Anglosphere, either; there is at least one user from Russia. ;)
¨ No.936
1575422923720.png–(28.65KB, 315x342, Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 7.23.28 PM.png)
This is a break down of the origin of our traffic from the last month. It shows a combination of new and returning users. Many of these people are either trolling or lurking. So our actual community of posters is much more diverse. Unfortunately I don't have an easy way to pull that data.
¨ No.939
Because I saved the day when 1chan went down.
¨ No.943
1575522730974.jpg–(100.50KB, 1103x743, br5010al.jpg)
brazils should post more because fepasa little joes are awesome
¨ No.947
1575561939114.jpg–(90.80KB, 840x800, boobs & trains.jpg)
I thought it was obvious... :^)
¨ No.948
¨ No.949
just to suffer

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