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File: 1579006442319.png–(1.47MB, 1125x903, _s traveller wojak.png)
Greetings to all indigeneous creatures of this board.

I am an ancient traveler on this forsaken land. I‘ve been to countless boards and numerous threads, seen such dreadful beings your minds couldn’t even begin to process. The soul purpose of my journey is to study these distant lands and the inhabitants native to this land.

Therefore I humbly ask you kind strangers to reveal your secret history and hidden treasures to this peaceful historian.

"A generation which ignores its own history has no past and no future." Robert Heinlein
¨ No.1131
All the oldfags have died of old age (true story BTW), all the newfags have left. We are but ghosts around here... toooot-toooooooooo *creepy ghostly train horn*
¨ No.1132
We've come to the conclusion that the pole does not determine direction.
¨ No.1141
We like trains, and I'm 95% sure none of us are cool.
¨ No.1146
>the pole does not determine direction.
reported for polandphobia, poles can tell direction just fine
¨ No.1147
1579344650213.png–(428.83KB, 460x758, 17554279_671383119701427_7993301535274357584_n.png)
n 1942 Ian Allan, then working in the public relations department for the Southern Railway at Waterloo station, decided he could deal with many of the requests he received about rolling stock by collecting the information into a book. The result was his first book, "ABC of Southern Locomotives". This proved to be a success, contributing to the emergence of trainspotting as a popular hobby in the UK.

Around about the same time, an English vicar called Wilbert Awdry was telling bedtime stories to his son Christopher about trains. Eventually these were written down and turned into books, the first being published in 1945, with Thomas the Tank Engine first appearing in 1946.

(Some text copied from Wikipedia)
¨ No.1160
>Therefore I humbly ask you kind strangers to reveal your secret history and hidden treasures to this peaceful historian.

I'm from /k/
¨ No.1176
We like trains.
¨ No.1208
Dear traveller
Please could you give a list of the imageboards you have visited. I want to travel the lands, am in trouble finding the way.
¨ No.1212
1580447333279.jpg–(44.45KB, 403x403, 1610085_610393819029041_784721952_n.jpg)
Me too, /k/omrade.
¨ No.1218
1580567568994.jpg–(240.28KB, 1024x768, Duquesne_Incline_from_top.jpg)
>good times were had
>won't namefag with best handle evar

Just check for the Parovoz now

>mods r fags
¨ No.1840
I see nobody bothered to actually elaborate on history of the board seriously. You should or all of this will be lost to time.

1chan was founded in 2003 by thatdog who knew moot and was one of 4chan's original moderators. It was one of the first english spin-off chans and probably the only chan centered on trains, ever?

4chan didn't always have a trains/transportation board. Early on there was an unlisted train board but at some point it was removed. /n/ had at least two iterations and it's mostly bicycles now anyway.

Other users can probably tell you more because I've been only coming here on and off since about 2009 and found this place through 4chan. In the past couple years 1chan had some downtime and was restarted a few times, most of the old users are gone, no idea where to.
¨ No.1841
Is smittie still around?
¨ No.1843
Used to have multiple boards, but was deemed to slow for that.
¨ No.1844
read the wiki
¨ No.1847
I hope by wiki you don't mean ED because it's horribly out of date and the reason it's so out of date is because of they have gotten kicked off from multiple hosts because of their cyber bullying activities.
¨ No.1850
Not much has changed since then. The other post above covered it pretty well. thatdog shut down the board for a bit, had some downtime due to software issues but that's about it.
¨ No.1855
1591328204092.png–(93.33KB, 1321x137, Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.36.29 PM.png)
well, a longform article on the history of Anonymous and the history of 420chan and how it interweaves with 4chan and 8chan is currently in progress for The Atlantic, so look forward to that

and I'm sorry for how badly I fucked things up back then
¨ No.1856
by the way, encyclopedia dramatica hasn't "lost hosting" so much as new people keep reviving it using whatever backup they track down and fill it out using the wayback machine and google caches

we are on the sixth distinct encyclopedia dramatica, the true one ceased operations in 2008 by choice and the servers were eventually returned to [redacted].
¨ No.1858
The only ED article I miss is the one entitled "Unwarranted Self Importance" because right now posting it in it's entirety would be extremely justified.
¨ No.1862
the sad thing is just how little people actually knew even back then and we all collectively feel like fucking trash

couple years of irc logs from several networks and many many many server backups and whatnot were shared with journalists recently, so, it is what it is
¨ No.1863
also yeah that article was some of weev's choice work, dude put his all into ED for a while
¨ No.1865
RIP weev
¨ No.1871
Nobody mentions how I saved 1chan.
I am not the hero 1chan wants, I am the hero 1chan desevers.
¨ No.1873
Mad Max - "that's bait"–(YouTube)
¨ No.1874
Oh do tell
¨ No.1875
The story goes he created a temporary board on 8chan, to which the community promptly responded "dude no, this is a fate worse than death" and mike stepped into carry the torch. Even after the fact, the board with its old software would remain broken for about a year. It would randomly eat peoples messages, especially if they weren't from the USA. With the traffic we have at the moment, the board has been full only for some months now.

I for one wasn't aware of it at the time and only found my way to railchan after thatdog put a note of official successor chan on the front page of the old 1chan.

I've been periodically asking around on /n/, but no one there has been around long enough to remembers the 4chan old boards's URI/name/"tag".

Similarly, what boards has 1chan had in the past? I've been actively around like since 2015 only. I think after Cornelius Vanderwreck died, because I have no recollection of that.

>the sad thing is just how little people actually knew even back then and we all collectively feel like fucking trash

Don't feel bad, even hotwheels shrinked in front of the monster he helped to create.

I hope girlvinyl too feels some regret, after all - the current no-legal-businesses-advertise-here URL for 8kun is _julay_.world...
¨ No.1877
I've been lurking on and off here since 2017 or so.
Don't post much, since there isn't much activity, but I check the place out at least once a day.
It's also a blessing to have a chan which is more or less acceptable to browse on the college wifi without suspicion.
¨ No.1878
I started the 8chan board and got thatdog to post a link to it. People started bitching about how I was in charge even though I didn't do anything so I also put Tex in charge. Funny fact is anytime I'm admin are in charge of everything people are more mad at the fact that I'm in charge that anything I've actually done with my power. After I gave Tex admin power the little rascal took away my mine. Then Mike started railchan at which point 8chans train bord was no longer needed. TL;DR I provided a refuge for all the peeps to get back together to build a new 1chan
¨ No.1879
1591717070198.jpg–(106.38KB, 967x544, itsatrap.jpg)
I'm not falling for this and arguing with you again, dude.
¨ No.1880
And here's captain USI himself. Edits his own name into one ED article in 2009 and won't shut the fuck up about it ever since. I really cannot fucking stand Ham549.

Ham the reason nobody can bear the thought of you being in charge of things (least of all the quaint, quiet backwater that is 1chan) is because you cannot shut the fuck up and you cannot drop the chip on your shoulder.

The fact that you've been baiting Tex for what feels like 8 years at this point is abject proof that you should not be in charge of anything.

I'm so glad I rolled the "Railfan/Furry" class instead of "Railfan/Autistic".
¨ No.1882
1591824094874.jpg–(96.03KB, 635x635, 1587173144007.jpg)
"The fact that you've been baiting Tex for what feels like 8 years at this point is abject proof that you should not be in charge of anything."

Friend: Hey Ham549 do you know who Tex is?
Me: Yeah he post on 1chan
Friend: Look what he wrote on my Deavent Art photo.
Tex: "While I highly dislike Ham549, I must say that this is a pretty nice shot."
Me: Well now someone is going to get my "special attention".

Pic unrelated
¨ No.1894
(Reposted with an edit to hopefully prevent spam on the help line)

In the interest of transparency to the members of this forum, I'd like to point out the attached image, which is dated with what I believe is the last time I've actually used the DeviantArt website back in May of 2011. This makes the comment that Ham is referring to a minimum of nine years old, if not longer considering that I was active on there for two or three years before that. I'm not arguing that I said that; it sure seems familiar and within the tone of something I'd say around that time.

However, I'd like to ask how much any of you have changed in a decade. Do you look at your old behaviors and cringe in disgust? I sure do. I was an absolutely terrible person: socially awkward, with a mind full of horrible ideas of how the world worked. Over the past decade, particularly since going out into the world on my own, I've worked hard to try to improve myself. It hasn't always been improvements, but I take the dips in my growth as learning lessons and try to move on.

Moving on also meant an end to my participation in this constant flame war with Ham549. Over the last couple of years, I've actively avoided engaging Ham in any of the bullshit we used to argue about. I'll be frank, though: I still don't like him, but I feel my energy is better spent working on creative efforts in my personal life rather than fighting a dude thousands of miles away via the slowest image board on the internet. Until I see Ham actively engaging in ban worthy behavior, I can't really ban him. My hands are tied with this old bias, so any future action will be taken after consulting with our Administrator, Mike.

In this latest chapter of the 1chan era, I appreciate all of you for being here, supporting us, and tolerating our stumbles in moderation. If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter of 1chan, contact us via the text line at (eight one three) 922-8895. I'll also text Mike about setting up a 1chan email that we both have access to so that users who may not want to divulge their phone number (or users outside of the USA) can still contact us.

Thank you all, and good night.
¨ No.1895
1591938952764.png–(217.38KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200611-003932.png)
I forgot to attach the image again when I posted the edit. Dammit.
¨ No.1911
1592324963334.jpg–(1.84MB, 2748x3664, 100_0783.JPG)
I used to be a regular and a janny here.

I fucked off being a regular because I was chasing faster, higher things. By that I mean airplanes. I'm into airplanes, buses, ferries, cruise ships; passenger transportation fascinates me. Except not so much anymore, once I saw the bullshit behind the scenes and became incredibly jaded by it.

I fucked off being a janny because a particularly voluminous spam attack left me overwhelmed. I don't recall telling thatdog, Hammy, etc., anything about my fucking off. But I certainly wasn't looking to get my job back, whoever was there to run the place from then on out.

I met two 1chan users in meatspace: Ytter and Thaddy. Ytter around 2009 or so, we met up in Havre, Montana; to foam the Daylight 4449 as it made a break stop hauling a consist of PV en route from Portland to Railfair in Owosso, Michigan. Really floored me that Ytter committed suicide following that. Thaddy, meanwhile, was when I followed him on some "vocation vacation" driving motorcoaches in Alaska a year later. That didn't pan out because, simply put, my head wasn't in the game. But Thaddy and I at least got some rail-related experiences from it, riding a train between Denali National Park and Fairbanks (pic related) as well as hitting up a local model railroad club.

Yeah, at both mine and this forum's peak, I was exactly what Encyclopedia Dramatica described: that weeb who also posted news articles. Still a weeb, but the only news I see anymore is bad. Cuts in services and amenities, further delays in implementing a legit high-speed rail system, internal sabotage by an airline industry executive, and my favorite regional route--the Amtrak Cascades--shitting itself (and damn near taking Thaddy with it). A destabilizing Chinese bioweapon isn't making travel by train easier, and nationwide civil unrest has basically cast all trips to my favorite destinations into the realm of "Danger Tourism".

I kinda miss my fellow weeb Snail. Sad to hear that the wise old sage Cornelius Vanderwreck passed, but I suppose that was inevitable given his condition. I kinda wonder about Smitie, because the country he lives and works in isn't exactly the safest out there. Parovoz has pumped some new blood into this board. Tex, Ham, and Fuhr3r still provide local color. And even though I don't condone the activity of train-hopping personally, I do like it when Dirtykid relays stories of his escapades on the high iron.

That's just my otherwise irrelevant story of my life and times on 1chan.
¨ No.1917
By the transitive property, I've met you because I hung out with Thaddy one day lol

I've met two 1channers - Thaddy and Dampflok - but I suspect there may be at least one more that I've seen because there was a guy here for a little while who said he hung out at Dallas Union Station, and I used to go through there all the time before I changed what yard I work out of. DUS guy, if you're here, I'm likely never going back through there on a DART train again. Sorry, dude.
¨ No.1918
>>1917 Have we ALL transitively met through Thaddy? I'll let him know he's the unwitting heart of the board.
¨ No.1930
1592603854439.jpg–(39.92KB, 450x450, e2dbcdbd-c32e-416d-8dcf-77143985a7f3_1.5acaa86a82c)

You haven't lived with him for a few weeks. So you haven't lived with me for a few weeks. Be thankful of that.
¨ No.1931
1592612158496.jpg–(2.04MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200211_143436.jpg)
Y'all funny. I finally graduated college around 2015 and kinda forgot about this place. Got wrapped up in life, work, and a renewed focus on modeling. Glad I've kept up with Texypoo over the years. Funny enough I now work with Ferrous.
¨ No.1939
1592688341021.jpg–(36.84KB, 627x323, Bojack crossover episode.jpg)
¨ No.1945
It's also absurd how high an effect Krautchan's /int/ has had on the internet culture as a whole. I was there at the time and it sure as hell didn't feel like we would have been setting the trend for the next decade or so.
¨ No.1974
Cool no one really care.
¨ No.1975
I feel like this is the right thread to ask, is there any reason why 1chan's Overchan isn't being updated anymore? Is there a more up-to-date overchan on some other site? Most of the old guard of altchans are dead now, hard to tell what little places are still breathing anymore.
¨ No.1977
Tbh 1chan is dead in a way ppl still use yeah but, Over all it's not that much ppl who use it.
¨ No.1980
I disagree. Maybe compared to 4chan and 8ch, but they're in a league of their own. It's completely unfair to use them as the benchmark for speed.

A site doesn't really need a lot of people using it to be "alive". I'd say what matters more is that the people that do use it stick around and contribute a lot.
¨ No.1981
I was referring to the Overchan on 1chan
¨ No.1982
I'd like to parallel 1chan's alleged deadness to a site my former colleque used to keep up with his old childhood friends. It was this ugly mess with a simple 'visitor's book' kind of script as the last last functioning part of it, from that bygone era when geeky friends would have their own webpage because social media didn't exist.

And I have a proactive question: has 1chan become this? That is, the few that still frequent here want to see for example the front page kept just as before as long as the site is up, or is the slight stagnation* just a matter of lack of resources? (Human and server; I recall mike mentioning that we are also fairly heavily resource-strapped.)

*there are inline image enlargement now!
¨ No.1983
>*there are
"there is"!

Since I'm self-correcting and dangerously veering more meta, let's also set this straight:

>no-legal-businesses-advertise-here URL for 8kun is _julay_.world

It's actually a splinter site generated after 8ch was busted with not much activity besides /cow/. This was a misundestanding of mine based on the 4chan/4channel split.
¨ No.1989
You mentioned web 1.0, and it kind of got me thinking

Back in the day, the expected activity for any given website was way lower than it is now. You'd go to a forum, reply to a few threads, and then go do something else for a while, because chances were good you weren't going to get a reply any time soon.

I think social media's distorted how fast one expects a site to be. The vast majority of communities still only have a small handful of users who do most of the posting. 1chan is on the slower side, sure, but relative to the median, it's not too far off.
¨ No.1990
Oh sorry with me being a fucking retard
¨ No.2069
I stumbled on 1chan back in 2007 or 2008 while performing a Google image search for Fairbanks-Morse locomotives. Someone had posted an FM diesel here and I followed the link. It was only a few weeks after that I discovered 4chan when I cycled through the numbers (2chan, 3chan, 4chan...).

Back in my BBS'ing days I recall a railfan forum on the old FidoNet. One posted a message, then between 2am-4am the message would be collected and forwarded to other nodes for distribution. A day later someone may reply and I wouldn't see it until the day after that. Late 1989.
¨ No.2071
I agree. 1chan is not nearly as slow as people think. Sure, we might go a day or two without posts, but that's pretty alright for a forum that's been around for 16 years. She's an old 'un but a good 'un.

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