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File: 1567740563790.jpg–(1.35MB, 2048x1365, Nevada Northern 40 4-6-0.jpg)
steamy weamy >w<
¨ No.129
1568085852626.jpg–(56.94KB, 720x569, 10403648_10153261248500450_349232445014448196_n.jp)
Our Jimmies are eternal

None can rustle the triumvirate.
¨ No.136
I almost went and saw the triumvirate last Monday. Instead I went antiquing. I do wanna catch 611 before she takes a little vacation in Pennsylvania where those pennsy nerds won’t appreciate her enough
¨ No.138
>pennsy nerds won’t appreciate her enough

Or worse yet, it'll roll into the Strasburg shops and come out looking like an extra large M1 because they had to fix something and figured they might as well standardize it all.
¨ No.141
1568247695066.jpg–(1.39MB, 1600x1086, 8662.1566393914.jpg)

611 was moved to Pennsylvania weeks ago. Towed by a Dash 9 from Roanoke to Enola (fuckin PTC, dude) and then one of the Enola locals brought it the rest of the way to Leaman Place.

Got my 611/475 photo charter ticket though, fuckin stoked for that
¨ No.196
TF2 - Engineer: "That just ain't right!"–(YouTube)
>that picture
¨ No.205
Do y'all think we should have a play button over videos?
¨ No.206
¨ No.208
30 Seconds Of... a train pulling into a station–(YouTube)
Try this on for size.

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