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File: 1497104136043.jpg (1001.4 KB, 2714x1956, JRE_EC_485_series_Hokuetsu….jpg)


I'll be in Japan at the end of this month, and I was wondering if there are any classic JR trains in service like the one pictured.


File: 1497154137717.jpg (7.9 MB, 4242x2828, JR_East_115-1000_Jōetsu_Li….jpg)

485 is finally seeing its end. But shitbox like 103 will run for all eternity. I also expect 115 and 415 to be around for a while until they figure out whether to push the E231 and 205 out to inaka.


OP here, do you know on which lines these trains run? I would love to get a shot/ride


File: 1497253588111.jpg (576.22 KB, 1364x2048, CqEzq7BUEAAUGTN.jpg)

You can wikipedia it as there's still a lot of old trains here and there. 103 runs aplenty on the Nara line, 115 on the Agatsuma, Joetsu, Oito, etc., 201 on the Loop Line and many more. The world's your oyster in Japan once you leave Tokyo.

File: 1496990829598.jpg (70.87 KB, 400x629, MBP_Page_46_Image_0001-cop….jpg)


British Rail vs. the privatised British railway system… Which is better, all things considered? As much as I hate nationalization of pretty much anything, it seems that BR was much better for the average Britbong. I probably don't have all the info, though, so go on and make me an interesting discussion. Thanks!


There's a great movie made about that.


It's not a fair comparison.

Back when BR ran the show, they made a profit (ticket subsidy notwithstanding) that was taken off them and put into the government's pocket. When they wanted to make investment in the system, they asked for that money back again.

Certain governments would say no, because 1) they got to keep the money, lol. 2) they didn't like the concept of nationalized public services and 3) *politics*

So, once everything had been sufficiently run into the ground making the argument that it should be privatized was easy. For the last 10 years of it's life nearly everything BR did was hobbled by successive governments penny-pinching.

Then they sold it all to their best mates, who don't really give a fuck and the only way that money is really spent on britain's railways today is propping up the infrastructure while private companies rake in millions from them without paying their share into the infrastructure fuck them.

BR was a million times better and the system we've got now is more expensive, facilitates a massive wealth transfer from people who can't really afford to travel on the trains but have no choice to people who greased the right palms in their bidding process for the franchise, and still has one of the worst value-for-money rates of all the networks in Europe.

Fuck privatization. I don't think Labour will actually nationalize again, but they fucking well should.

File: 1485364627357.jpg (92.79 KB, 720x960, 15977880_643107289204657_3….jpg)


Johannesburg - A Transnet contract worth almost R8bn for new Chinese-manufactured locomotives has hit a stumbling block as technical problems have plagued the first of the trains to arrive in South Africa.
News24 can reveal that the alternators of the first two diesel locomotives delivered to Transnet by CRRC Corporation, China's state-owned rail behemoth, posed serious problems soon after they arrived in South Africa last year, rendering the locomotives unable to operate.
Transnet is now refusing to accept a further 18 locomotives that are waiting to be shipped to South Africa. The locomotives' alternators "vibrate excessively", say sources familiar with the development.
Alarmingly, problems with the alternators of similar Chinese-manufactured locomotives ordered by Namibia in 2004 played a role in that country's decision to stop using them.
An alternator is one of the most crucial components on a diesel locomotive, as it generates the power that moves the train forward.
Transnet, however, maintains that the locomotives are still at "prototype stage" and that CRRC "has resolved the problem successfully".
Problems from 'day one'
In 2014 Transnet, under then CEO Brian Molefe, placed the largest order for locomotives in South Africa's history when it awarded a tender worth R50bn to four international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for 1 064 new locomotives.
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File: 1495865839648.png (312.73 KB, 319x428, Lions Roaming in Komati Ya….png)

On 08 May, 2017 MMC operations in Komatipoort had uninvited and definitely not the most welcomed guests. While busy performing her duties Yard Master, Nomcebo Mabuza spotted a lion in the depot.
Kruger National Park Rangers were activated to patrol the yard and the surrounding areas.
MMC management made contingency plans until the area could be declared safe to continue with its operations.
The deployment of armed guards in the area, green area meetings, cautioning employees to remain indoors, armed guards accompanying employees when they have to perform duties in the yard, were some of the measures taken to ensure business continuity and the safety of employees..
The safety interventions were in place until the situation stabilized and the four lions were captured by the Kruger National Park Rangers few days later.
“The safety and security of our employees is important to the organisation, hence the interim measures were put in place. There is however, a room for improvement,” said MMC GM Mandisa Mondi.


Of all of the terrible, dangerous places I've worked, I'm thankful that a lion waltzing into the workplace has never been a concern for me. Good job taking care of it!


An AmaBhungane and Scorpio expose reveals how President Zuma’s friends and their associates are diverting billions of rands from Transnet’s purchase of
locomotives to their offshore accounts. http://ewn.co.za/2017/06/01/guptas-and-associates-score-r5-3bn-in-loco-kickbacks


File: 1496933286581.jpg (157.62 KB, 900x1200, DByrErvXcAAYWUY.jpg)

JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said the party will open criminal cases against former Transnet board members accused of corruption during the tender for new locomotives. - http://www.enca.com/south-africa/malema-on-transnet-corruptiongupta-emails?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1496925724


File: 1495673373008.png (692.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-24-20-4….png)


And two guesses how I responded.
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File: 1495683997543.jpg (142.81 KB, 1440x2560, 1495683950944.jpg)

I was almost right; it wasn't a rant.


How the hell did that get a response?


Dragonball Z. Otaku.

Just google for "over 9000" to learn more about this than can possibly be good for you.


File: 1496734555548.jpg (72.7 KB, 750x545, 9000.jpg)


File: 1496734674066.jpg (1.98 MB, 3712x2088, P1040517.JPG)

Also, have some D9000.

File: 1495990381820.jpg (893.21 KB, 2000x1023, NH_CLiner.jpg)


who needs girls when you have C-Liners?
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File: 1496216938587.jpg (1016.3 KB, 2048x1278, NelsonBC.July13-1973.JohnB….jpg)

Sweet! My fave loco. They sure look good. I just had some pics of some CPR C-Liners photographed in the early 1970s e-mailed to me this weekend but the photographer has heavily compressed them so they are a bit poor unfortunately. Have this one instead.

Nelson, BC July 12, 1973. John Bjorklund photo.

Sourced: http://www.railphoto-art.org/collections/bjorklund/canadian-pacific/


File: 1496280060065.jpg (193.45 KB, 1600x1200, HO-Scale-AHM-TWO-A-UNITS-B….jpg)

I just remembered, one of my first HO scale engines was a dummy B&O C-Liner. Loved pushing that thing around the track by hand


Hah. I had a bunch of those AHM models as well and they were some of the first models I ever had (an Athearn GP9 being the first). I was working on detailing them as CPR prototypes. The hardest part was splicing two Athearn F-unit frames together for the repowering job. Truck centering was not accurate but a compromise as was the shell length. All desire to convert them went out the door when I saw the P1K version. Gorgeous models.

The AHM models probably ran better being hand pushed than using their original motors. :^)


File: 1496563430520.jpg (396.83 KB, 800x800, 640.jpg)


File: 1496563613013.jpg (227.71 KB, 800x600, 641.jpg)

Inside cover.

File: 1496494914067.jpg (48.95 KB, 480x360, sid meiers railroads.jpg)




File: 1496516691473.jpg (358.87 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_London Faversha….jpg)


SM's Railroads?
Come on - this is 1Chan! DRIVE, MOFO!

File: 1494868258489.jpg (463.56 KB, 1304x760, 1014296.jpg)


Recently the first trains of the 81-765/766/767 series "Moskva" rolling stock designed and produced by Metrovagonmash (Mytischy, Russia) has entered passenger operation on the line 7 of Moscow metro.

Moskva is a cutting edge type of rolling stock designed for the Moscow metro with a goal to compete with the latest models of the world's known brands and to put passenger transportation in MM to a new level. Currently 96 sets are ordered.

I have covered its specs already but nonetheless… Moskva comes as 8-car consist of two 81-765 motorized head cars, four 81-766 motorized trailers and two 81-767 motorless trailers powered by 6 units of 4x170 kW Metrovagonmash KATP-3 asynchronous traction drive (550-925 VDC) with III class torque transmission.
The train features through passage, two air conditioners with enhanced exhaust per car plus one for each cab, electric doors, central handrails, extensive and intuitive info system, USB-chargers, crash-modules, gapless coupling, rubber-metal wheelpairs (which helps greatly reduce the noise), new Skif series microprocessor control and diagnostics system by Tikhomirov institute, new driver's control unit, the rest is generally based on the previous 81-760/761 "Oka" series design. It is claimed to be supplied 90% by Russian brands which gives it great price advantage.

And on the wave that today is 82nd birthday of the Moscow metro, general metro thread.
The Moskva news are to start the metro-related discussion.
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File: 1495322347224.jpg (409.02 KB, 1100x732, mosmetro1.jpg)

Cool, right? But heres a rant.

I believe this is a point of criticism because while this allows for very precise speed control and makes the smoothness of the acceleration/deceleration depend almost completely on the machine instead of the driver it is a bit overcomplicated compared to the old handle which had just zero, 4 acceleration and 3 deceleration positions and was as easy to use as the wooden stick. Also I'm not sure the response times can be as small here as with acceleration handle but they are quite important for such "tight" graphics, but nonetheless I believe they have thought this through. But another weakness is that the most rear position of the handle engages emergency breaking sequence, this makes sence but it is actually not that hard (physically) to miss to this position which is just a bit harder to press. At the first day of Moskva on the line is had an emergency breaking, this could be because of minor ALS-ARS malfunction but this is more common with recently opened lines so I think this could happen because of an inexperienced driver occasionally hit the emergency position.
Also the drivers need to get used to the new completely different system and also while there are older rolling stock they need to equally well operate both of them which should be a bit of a problem as you have to be able to do it automatically, without a second thought.

I guess this isn't that big of a problem but nonetheless an inconvenience for the initial period in each depot.

The 81-760's handle for comparison.


File: 1495483813099.jpg (498.87 KB, 1000x750, 804367_original.jpg)

As for the looks, I think the old control unit looks more robust but the new one looks definitely more practical.

What do you guys think?


Very nice looking machine.

I like the newer cab display. To me it looks like the layout is very "natural" and ergonomic. The important info is directly in front of you with a natural glance down. And the critical controls are within easy reach. The video monitor showing the passenger compartment I gather is for security reasons, a good idea.

That said, I'll get a passport, I just need someone over there to give me a crash course in russian and sponsor a work visa. I want to drive one of those. :^)


File: 1495584578999.jpg (62.08 KB, 800x533, doc6ihv1uaju8lrsxmw1vo_800….jpg)

> The video monitor showing the passenger compartment I gather is for security reasons

Yes, because the driver is directly responsible for everything happening in the train while not on a station, i. e. any emergency (crimes in the moving train are maybe not very common but also not very rare, for example) info goes through the driver who passes it to the station master of the next station who then passes it to the responsible services to take care of that train on arrival.

> That said, I'll get a passport, I just need someone over there to give me a crash course in russian and sponsor a work visa.

A good idea I suppose but it is VERY long-term… Russian takes literally years to study more or less decently and while AFAIK it is not actually hard to more or less settle in Russia it is surprisingly hard to get local passport, even if you work here for years… and again, you need to perfectly know the language to work as a train driver. I've actually heard of the Ethiopian driver here but before becoming a driver he studied in Moscow for a full 5 or 6 years.

Better convince your local authorities to not give a shit about those silly trade sanctions (like Hungary did when buying stuff from Metrovagonmash) and buy the best modern metro train for its price:) Which is $1.5 million per car by the way. I heard it is indeed not much.



What are we doing with our lives.
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Why is that car lettered for Northern Pacific but also sublettered for CB&Q?



"Built as dome-coach #558 by the Budd Company in 1954 for the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy for service on the Northern Pacific’s premier train, the Chicago-to-Seattle North Coast Limited, which the Northern Pacific operated in partnership with the CB&Q."


File: 1495930581365.jpg (91.07 KB, 850x850, download.jpg)

ditched my ambition…much more relaxed, but i'm old and that's okay


Making the most of it.

Re: pic→ High above Christina Lake amirite?


File: 1496377854925.jpg (842.59 KB, 2048x1365, 1N5A3274.jpg)

Just west of Shields on the Lower Arrow Lake, so not far away. Tough to see for the trees, which are the next thing that needs to be in that scene!

File: 1495611140210.jpg (2.74 MB, 2576x1932, 100_3437.JPG)


In Rockford, Illinois.


nice find


File: 1495682567212.jpg (466.48 KB, 1024x632, milw.jpg)

Definitely a former Milwaukee Road caboose. Color and Style match up perfectly. As for the number, your guess is as good as mine. Most likely would have been painted above the bay window. Maybe if you can get closer, you could see it?

File: 1492904021420.jpg (106.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


"Olympia, WA: Train Tracks Sabotaged To Stop Fracking Equipment"

Ah, hippies. Never change.
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File: 1493645683404.jpg (708.94 KB, 1936x1296, h_1485887648_3802763_c19db….jpg)

First, it were not firearms but pneumatic guns, second, this is actually illegal, at the very least to point or shoot at people who don't pose an imminent threat to you personally, if not (this is almost surely actually) to have a gun on a railway at all, because shooting here can lead to a technogenic disaster, and third, these idiots only are known for using (or threatening with) their guns against harmless foamers, such people are usually cowards, they won't harm anyone who can pose a real threat.


> such people are usually cowards
I'm speaking of "these idiots" and not foamers of course.


Not that anyone would object to shooting certain foamers.


Do you want a Darwin award? Because that's how you get a Darwin award.


Doesn't help I have dreadlocks. The saboteur term is monkeywrencher btw. I've read a few books on monkey wrenching, mostly just because the mechanics of heavy machinery are broken down in them. Olympia has plenty of more important things to focus on than trains right now so you're all in luck. They have student protests at Evergreen, the May Day riots drama, some alt right rally. I have lots of friends who live there and so am certain these are just liberal college kids who will move on to something else. Who you really gotta watch out for is CFD. The pnw is their home base, Cascadia Forest Defense, they actually do lots of direct action things like tree sits, sabotage, vandalism, ect.

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