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File: 1491864874150.jpg (373.65 KB, 1024x487, 3619.jpg)


So I lucked out and found this CPR observation car for my replica of Canadian Pacific trains #67/#68 from the mid-1950s.

I'm going to see about replacing the steps with something more detailed (one on the other side has been damaged) and I need to find a picture of the real one so I can see if any more detail can be added overall.

Anyone know what I can do about the glass placement on this model? The current plastic insert is set too far back.
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microscope slides come to mind. probably easy to score/cut as well.


File: 1491971961480.jpg (234.41 KB, 1024x683, Cranbrook Kootenay Express….jpg)

Fort class, aw yiss! (Cape class for myself, as attached)
I haven't done it myself, but what about cutting the correct window size out of a somewhat thick sheet of clear plastic, then securing them all in place with a larger strip (sans joins at windows, of course)


Yeah I thought about cutting out some plastic and somehow gluing it into place more flush with the carbody. My fear would be excess glue ruining it.

And someone also suggested the glass slide covers method. A local modeller has done it, said it was a bitch to do but the end result was pretty good and it has elicited positive comments. I will have to ask him how he did it as trimming slide covers has to be tricky I suspect. Once upon a time as a budding geologist I had a microscope kit and recall how fragile those covers were (good thing I had a um *cough!* cheap supply at school).


I don't know what brand this model is but the previous owner decorated the interior, changed out the railing on the observation platform with one of those thin etched brass kits, and the marker lamps actually light up.

The 'Fort' class cars was primarily used on the run from Vancouver to Penticton. An individual (he's sent me a handful of CPR CLC pics) gave me a list of some he's seen on that run during that era. This observation car was listed and it turns out that a model of it was for sale from a local collection that was being liquidated. It was the last car I needed to complete the train.

Not sure if you are aware but check this site: http://passcarphotos.info/Indices/CP1.htm


I've heard of using specialized thin double sided tape for mounting window glazing without glue ruining everything. Fancy tape is expensive as fuck tho.


This is good to know. I will look into that.

File: 1492734966211.jpg (221.47 KB, 1024x688, 12555542395_58c67252f7_b.jpg)


It's 4/20. Post some Alco C420s!


File: 1492735033679.jpg (83.23 KB, 640x480, 6d01fcc0.jpg)

Alcos sure are known for SMOKIN


File: 1492735213679.jpg (121.7 KB, 736x565, bb506e1de2f9b9ee0cb8576125….jpg)

Not sure I like the high short hood on this particular model of Alco.


File: 1492766321656.jpg (777.38 KB, 3008x2000, dsrc_213_c420.jpg)

blaze it fgt


File: 1492912940300.jpg (228.68 KB, 1024x683, DSC65772.jpg)

Objectively wrong, high-hood C420s are hot

File: 1492630028432.jpg (55.56 KB, 510x680, C9TJb3PUwAEU59w.jpg_small.jpg)


I think this guy has just won an Internet. He built himself a coach inside his flat.



A guy in America Light (Canada) did this in his basement and had much more detail.



>buys a decommissioned railcar
>strips the interior to redecorate his basement
>instead of just parking it on a plinth in the backyard



The dude owns Rapido Trains.

He also bought an old GM Fishbowl bus (from Calgary I think), and drove it to Toronto and repainted it like an 80's TTC bus.

File: 1492451684653.jpeg (177.22 KB, 960x540, image.jpeg)


Empty coal drag hit what they are thinking was a sun kink near Mattawana, PA. Sadly the news unit was NS 4001. Crew made it out with only minor injuries
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A sun kink right now? I find that a bit hard to believe.


Murmurs from the Facebook, your guess is as good as mine


>TFW railfans are publicly arguing over whether folks should care about the crew being hurt or not, and loudly insisting we should unfollow/unsubscribe/unfriend people who believe one way or the other.


Autism is a hell of a thing isn't it?


File: 1492557866444.jpg (135 KB, 900x563, delaware_and_hudson_sharkn….jpg)

This is a clear sign from the D&H gods that they don't like NS' attempt at mimicking their livery for the 4000 rebuilds.

File: 1491064293268.jpg (340.65 KB, 900x1200, 1329313812499 - копия.jpg)


Celebrating April Fools, let's have a tread dedicated to jokes and all sorts of intentional and unintentional humor on the railway and transport in general.

Asking for explanation is okay since not everyone possibly can understand the specifics which form the joke. Also the explanation or translation can be given right away like this, for example.
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File: 1491769196970.jpg (62.98 KB, 590x460, .jpg)

Now this is a difficult one…

> - Do you know Anna Karenina?

> - No, what's about it?
> - Nothing, strike that.


File: 1491769562572.png (30.65 KB, 580x200, dirkjan-trein.png)

>"Today I have to go to Amsterdam but its always such a hassle to park the car"
>"Why don't you take the train?"
>"And its bound to happen that I can't find a parking place for that either"


File: 1491770484742.jpg (1.59 MB, 2448x3264, 3af77d7d_upload.jpg)

Nothing Ductape can't fix


In case I'm really terrible at translating puns… The other way you could translate that is:

> Nothing, let it pass.

"Проехали" in Russian means both "passed by" and "nevermind".


File: 1492362334067.jpg (182.23 KB, 998x520, juveleotolstoy.jpg)

>trying to esplain czeekivreeki

Anglos won't *get it*

File: 1491834725871.jpg (155.54 KB, 1098x2099, sn map.JPG)


>In this segment, unlike the circuitous and built-up segments to the south, high speeds could be achieved at relatively low cost – the existing right-of-way is nearly flat and remains straight over long stretches as it crosses the Central Valley. It also provides access to a series of cities within the I-80 corridor. However, it is shared with freight trains, limiting passenger capacity to the current 15 daily round-trips.

>The solution, then, might be to make the existing alignment passenger-only by providing freight with an alternative right-of-way. Fortunately, while there is no existing parallel railroad, there is right-of-way remaining from an earlier railroad – the Sacramento Northern, on which freight trains operated until the 1960s.

>Much of the alignment still exists between Suisun Bay and the community of Saxon, 11 miles southwest of Sacramento. With connections via the Tracy Subdivision used by freight as well as Amtrak San Joaquin trains between Martinez and Pittsburg, a new Delta crossing just east of Suisun Bay, and new right-of-way connecting to the existing right-of-way in West Sacramento,a brand new freight railroad could be built in the Sacramento Northern right-of-way, as shown in the map on the following page.


File: 1491834751573.png (167.52 KB, 616x799, cc.png)

SN lives!


File: 1491834789477.png (159.58 KB, 611x790, cc2.png)

can't post the link, but the images/text comes courtesy of the Capitol Corridor's strategic vision plan


File: 1491835725379.png (207.07 KB, 608x791, cc3.png)

File: 1491534138770.jpeg (23.89 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)


Long distance Amtrak routes could be threatened by Trump's budget cuts..
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File: 1491630921817.jpg (54.77 KB, 479x361, tumblr_lwhcchZYDv1qdetkro1….jpg)


File: 1491638569779.jpg (41.09 KB, 510x356, long distance.jpg)

Basically what you'd be looking at is most (if not all) of the routes in yellow disappearing.


File: 1491669926024.jpeg (290.56 KB, 1920x1080, raeptren.jpeg)


It will not happen, the long haul routes are massive subsidy programs for rural (Republican) districts. Hell, Amtrak is still required to seriously study restarting Pioneer and SD Empire Builder services every few years because those states keep demanding it.


It is interesting seeing some of the people that you see standing at the stations in the small towns. I know it's a tired cliche that Amtrak provides an important service to connect these communities by linking them to the rest of the country, but it's absolutely true and it is the only realistic way for them to get to Chicago or other big cities. There is a certain charm seeing a young man in a suit with his luggage standing at a rural station waiting for the train.

File: 1491818146280.jpg (752.02 KB, 1024x681, Transperth-B-series.jpg)


I think Transperth is okay.

File: 1489045222630.jpeg (76.41 KB, 852x480, 1.jpeg)


Introducing the all new 1chan Helpline!

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This new setup now automatically forwards all texts to our mod team. That number will be added to the header shortly.
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Some dude posted porn in this thread wanting to know how fast we'd delete it. Because the time stamps are wonky, I'm posting to get a current time stamp to just how fast it was.


Got it in an hour and a half, but didn't get any notification about it. No text message or report. I just happened to show up at the right time. Not bad for the slowest chan.


File: 1490550515313.jpeg (187.58 KB, 500x375, uwatm8.jpeg)


File: 1490884227003.png (60.62 KB, 465x200, see it say it sorted - 465….png)


Un-stickying as the number is now permanently on the page. (Below Post Password)

File: 1491331928414.jpg (37.22 KB, 922x201, Traction-Products-922x201.jpg)


sup 1chan


Not much, what's up with you?

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