The Overchan

This is a directory of messageboards in the style of Ni Channel or Futaba Channel. Basically, it has to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Anonymous posting (NECESSARY)
  2. 2ch-style messageboards or Futaba-style imageboards

If you would like to have something added to the Overchan, please post a comment on the BBS e-mail here get over it

Other Languages

English Boards

Board NameImageboard topics coveredDiscussion topics covered
4chanAnime, cute anime, anime porn, real photos, cars, real porn, torrents, wallpapers, weapons, oekaki, randomInternet culture, news, politics, science, math, television, film, anime, manga, cartoons, games, music, computers, SJIS art, general
iichan and WakachanAnime, cute anime, anime porn, real photos, real porn, cars, MOD files, wallpapers, OS-tan, miko, catgirls, oekaki, specific anime (Azumanga, Haibane Renmei, Lain, Touhou, Type-Moon), randomiichan community, Internet culture, anime, technology, filesharing, SJIS art, general
4-ch Anime, AA, Internet culture, Japan, technology, general
7chan"The new /b/" 
420chanDRUGS, usual *chan stuff, games 
AnonIBCreate your own imageboard! 
WTFuxAnime, camwhores, wallpapers, sci-fi, gaming, anime porn, furry porn, random4chan troll hangout, music, movies, random
koChanAnime, random, Bridget, moot 
GUROchanGross anime porn (you've been warned)Requests, general
2ko-ChanEcchi, hentai, catgirls 
"Reichan"The anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion 
AnimetcAnime, furry, hentai, women 
573chanRandom, KonamiVIP, IRC
Nozomi OnlineJ-idols 
SOS-danHaruhi general, Haruhi hentaiHaruhi
chanchan4chan camgirls 
OOSACartoons, webcomics 
HentaishHentai board and hentai links 
6ch Interesting threads
Forgotten TowerRandom, request, flash, music, videogames, wallpapers 
12chanAnime, random, drugs, furry, hentai 
pChanRandom, lots of porn 
DesuchanRozen Maiden 
NeechanCute futanari 
NullchanImages, oekaki, fapLounge, programming
MegachanCityscape, cyberpunk, steampunk, mecha, space 

Other Language Boards

Sorted by language. Asian boards are not on this list, but you can browse an English directory for Futaba.
Board NameLanguageImageboard TopicsDiscussion Topics
UnderfoolFrenchStrictly random 
GSM-Upload-BereichGermana video game? 
lohereHungarianAnime, random, animals, flash, hentai, sexy women 
ANIME+ChanLithuanianAnime, random, hentai, flash, games, chicks, cats, porn 
Kanal2Norwegian VIP, music, TV, programming, etc.
TentaclechanPolishAnime, cosplay, random 
2ch.ruRussianthe usual 
Brother-TwoSpanishAnime, Half-Life, Death Note, pin-ups, wallpapersGeneral discussion, anime, manga, Comic Party, requests, SJIS art
SectaChanSpanishAnime, Ecchi, Furry, Hentai General, Loli 
SpChanSwedishRandom, games, paint 

This page was last updated 03 June 2008.